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When I developed problems from the combined effects of an active running program, caring for an aging parent with mobility problems, and spending long hours in front of a computer, a good friend with an active training program of his own recommended deep tissue massage. He referred me to Maria. That was over 20 years ago. I’ve been seeing her regularly ever since (incidentally, so has he).

Maria’s ability to locate and address my specific problem areas with precision is uncanny!

It is clear that Maria is invested in developing her instinctive awareness for how the body works into the unique and valuable skills and experience she brings to what she does. She just knows what she’s doing!!!

Fixing this week’s round of problems is one of the benefits. Another is the growth in my own awareness of how I use my body and what I can do differently. The result is one of the best preventive maintenance programs for my body I can imagine.

Mike C.

I’ve been seeing Maria for 12+ years now and she has seen me through multiple disc issues, two pregnancies and everything in between. Maria is, by far, the best deep tissue and sports massage therapist I’ve ever worked with and can’t speak highly enough about her. She is professional, accommodating and cares deeply about her clients.

Sara N.

Maria has artfully combined her therapeutic techniques and personality to create an integrated experience with a measurable outcome. Maria is passionate and in touch with what her clients need on a session-to-session basis. As a physical therapist, it is within my skill set to perform techniques such as massage. However, if I can offer my clients a service that stretches beyond my current abilities, I refer them to this resource; Maria falls into this category of sought-after professionals due to her focus on her craft. I am a direct beneficiary of Maria’s dedication both physically as her client and as a professional looking to expand my own education and skill set.

Ryan B.

Maria is fantastic! I have chronic back and shoulder tension as a result of sitting at a microscope all day long. Maria finds the trigger points I never knew I had and dissolves them away. She is responsive to your body and can tell when something hurts too much and needs to ease you into it. Her deep tissue massage delivers a ton of pressure (more so than any other in the area!) this leaves me with lasting results.

Allison O.

I have had several full body, deep-tissue massages with Maria, and each time her nurturing approach has been every bit as beneficial to me as her superb technique. I highly recommend Maria not only for her knowledge and expertise, but also for her attention to the ‘whole’ person in a professional and spiritual way.

Nancy H.

I am a student that has had a chronic migraine condition for four years. My condition is notorious for not responding to medications, so I tried acupuncture but didn’t find it beneficial to relieve my headaches. I was thrilled to finally find relief when I began working with Maria!

My doctors had always commented on how tight and tense my neck and shoulders were, which negatively impacted my headaches. Maria’s deep tissue work has proven tremendously helpful to release the tension that builds up from 2 weeks worth of stress and bad posture, which has greatly aided in the reduction and relief from my headaches.
I highly recommend Maria! She also gives great tips for stretches and other small exercises to do in between sessions, all which are very useful.

Laura G.